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Land Rover вертикальные ламбодвери, кит на 2е двери подъем 90 градусов


Our universal 90 degree lambo door hinges use the best technology to ensure great operation. Each kit is new in the box and comes with and detailed instructions to make installation easy. Each kit also comes with a full warranty. Each hinge is nickel plated, to ensure a rust free finish for years of smooth operation. This universal design will make this system easy to install on most vehicles.

Our universal door hinge conversion goes 90 degrees straight up, which allows you to utilize the original door latch, lock and electronics from the factory. So you can keep all of the OEM safety mechanisms. It is also fully adjustable, so you can adjust it to stop horizontally and vertically to fit your vehicle perfectly.

Every hinge is made with high quality steel. It is much stronger than other kits on the market and is covered under Vertical Doors Inc. U.S. patent numbers. Providing the power to sell on EBAY. Also our hinges are safe, reliable and come with a limited warranty.

Our universal 90 degree kits include all the hardware you need for a trouble free installation.

Our Lambo Door Kits Offer:
No Door Vibration
No Wind noise
No Fender damage
of course if installed correctly

This is a weld on universal 90 degree hinge that comes with:
Driver and Passenger Side Lambo Door Hinges
4 Gas shocks
Complete hardware kit

Цена: 70 000 руб.
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